Professional Mom?

Five Ways To Get By Without Caffeine


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In Health Coaching, we at beU complete know that it's always important to stay on top of the most effective, natural ways to heal your health. Because of this, I wrote an energy action guide sharing my 5 ways to get by without caffeine when you are a professional, working mom!

Professional Mom? 

5 Ways To Get By Without Caffeine

These 5 tips have been created to help you gain more energy, lose weight, increase your self-confidence, and have more energy to spend with the people you love and doing what makes you feel alive and excited:


How to focus your mind to decrease stress and increase energy naturally.


Ways to strengthen and destress the body to create unlimited energy and health.


Tactics to connect on a deeper level to create more passion and purpose in your life.


What Can You Achieve With These 5 Tips?

With these 5 simple tips, you'll be able to optimize your health and create abundant energy by decreasing your stress levels through a mind, body, and spirit approach and setting up habits that you can use over and over again. These tips give you the health boost you need to lose weight, decrease your stress, increase your self-esteem, all while creating abundant energy to keep you powering through your busy day. 


Identify what activities will jump start your weight-loss.

Less Stress 

Learn how to easily incorporate powerful stress reducation techniques effortlessly into your day.


Receive tips on how to boost your self-esteem and feel more confident about who you are.

Lean Body

Discover how to build lean muscle mass to keep you strong, energized, and capable of keeping up with your busy day.


About the Author

A True Healer

Tansy is a passionate and creative healer on many levels of health. With 12 + years experience, she has worked in various health settings that has ultimately brought her to specialize in her passion- healing women in a structured mind, body, and spirit approach. She specializes in helping professional working women who struggle with juggling all the responsibilities between work and family life and taking care of themselves ultimately leaving them frustrated from illness, weight gain, and low energy. 

 Her coaching style is closely tied to her deep empathy and understanding of what women want and need and then helping discover the specific tool that will make them successful. 

A Passion For Inner Harmony

While her work has spanned pretty much every age, her true passion lies in creating inner harmony for women and helping them build their self-confidence, health, and regaining their personal empowerment. She has learned that it is not all about the willpower of a person- it is about so much more!

Tansy has come full circle in her own personal health journey and now wants to pass on everything she's learned to help make the world a healthier place to live and to help the women in this world rediscover the power within themselves.  

More Confident!

"The program you started me on is the first (and only) one to get me results! I've been keeping up with it for a year now and I look and feel better than I'd ever dreamed I would!"

~ A. Sansone

Stonger, More Energized!

"Gosh, where to begin? Tansy was for me the perfect bridge between physical therapy and general fitness training. After a year and a half, I can't imagine not working with her -- inexhaustible fund of great work-outs, always fully attentive to the client (she must have a great attention span), creative invention of workouts for my specific needs. Great listener, good communicator. Patient! Inventive! Positive! Cheerful! Tansy is an example of someone who has clearly landed in the right profession for her talents and interests. I'm impressed by her knowledge of human anatomy and her flexibility in designing work to suit individual needs and limitations. She pushes me exactly the right amount. "

~ Cecile Z.

Professional Mom? 5 Ways To Get By Without Caffeine